Degredient is North America's Premier Truffle Oil Producer

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North America's Premier Truffle Oil Producer | Degredient

About Us

At degredient, we love to use DELICIOUS ingredients in our meals.  In our current market, consumers DESIRE ingredients that make them feel good as well as taste good.  DECADENT ingredients such as truffle oils aren’t hard to find in the marketplace. We simply offer the best tasting oils on the market and making it affordable too!  We are DELIGHTED to produce our truffle infused oils right from our hometown in Vancouver, BC and we ship it to major markets including Chicago, Florida, Toronto, Calgary, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many more!
We bring a new perspective on an old idea of adding truffle oil in dishes for a DELIGHTFUL dining experience. While we started our business by supplying high quality DELECTABLE truffle oils to the food service industry across North America, we are now offering to ship direct to foodies across North America!
Our headquarter’s in Vancouver, B.C., and we are Vancouver’s only truffle oil company and probably North America’s only truffle oil producer, offering the first “Product of Canada” truffle oil using Canadian, NON-GMO Canola Oil.
If you want to learn more, please contact us and we’ll be happy to share our enthusiasm for truffle oils with you!