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Our Story

As self-declared truffle flavour enthusiasts, we embarked on a journey in 2010 to share our passion of truffle related food products with you. Many years prior, we began cooking with truffle products. Truffle oil was the most versatile but with such large varieties of products available in the market, it was hard to decipher which products were the best.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, we began sharing our truffle ideas with local Chefs and found an opportunity to introduce a high quality truffle oil catering to the foodservice industry. We spent nearly two years searching for the right producer, sampling truffle oils from around the world, most of them being produced in Italy and France.

As we tasted the variety of oils, we developed our own criteria to judge the quality of a truffle oil and only one producer was good enough for us! They provided us an exclusive oil which won us high regards. In 2013, we decided it was time to expand our truffle oil capabilities and brought the production of our truffle oils to Vancouver, becoming the first “Made in Canada” truffle oil producer. Today, using our exclusive truffle flavouring, we have the capabilities to produce truffle oils using a variety of base oils, offering our distributors a greater selection of products.

In 2015, we finally decided to start selling direct to consumers as the interest has grown and consumer knowledge of truffle products has increased. While we still don’t sell in small quantities, we hope to find truffle “ambassadors” around North America to help us share their passion for food and unique flavours such as truffles with their friends and family.

As our business continues to grow, we are also looking to develop more truffle products that are unique to the industry and that use as much local ingredients as possible.

Producers of fine truffle oil.