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Cooking with Truffle Oil at Gusto di Quattro Pt 2 | Degredient

Cooking with Truffle Oil at Gusto di Quattro Pt 2

One of the new fall items on the menu, from Executive Chef Nicholas Lim at Gusto di Quattro, is a Truffled Cauliflower soup.  Chef Lim takes us in the kitchen and shows us how he’s cooking with our truffle oil this time it’s in a soup. The aroma of making this soup is so appetizing.

Very simple ingredients are used to make this soup.  Onions, garlic, cauliflower, cream and “oh yes” degredient black truffle oil. The onions and garlic are sauteed in the pot with a spoon of butter.  The cauliflower and cream are added into the mix…but before that a couple of  table spoons worth of that oh so yummy  black truffle oil is added while the onion and garlic cooks.

You see this is the pivotal moment where the aroma and flavour change and differentiates this soup from other cream of cauliflower soups offered. Once the soup is finished it is garnished with some slices of black truffle, drizzle of truffle oil and house made croutons. The spoon is coated with porcini powder.