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degredient at Zest Japanese Cuisine | Degredient

degredient at Zest Japanese Cuisine

It’s Tuesday afternoon and typical Vancouver weather (meaning it’s wet and cold). My partner and I had the opportunity to check out some of the dishes my favorite Japanese restaurant is doing with degredient truffle oil! I’ve known Executive Chef Yoshiaki Maniwa for a few years and since discovering his restaurant I haven’t stopped coming. Chef Yoshi has a great eye for quality products and great creativity in his dishes!

We walk in the door and got a warm welcome by Chef Yoshi. There was no time wasted as he passed us 2 pairs of chop sticks and told us to eat this delicious plate of fish he put in front of us. I started to grab my camera out and he told me just to eat and he’ll present a picture worthy plate later.

On the plate was a slightly smoked local albacore tuna sauced with a Japanese vinegar,truffle oil and shallots. The smoked fish with the truffle oil just added this distinction you can’t forget. It tasted delicious. On the presentation plate he added pieces of slightly seared red tuna with the same sauce. Did I mention it was delicious?