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Cooking with Truffle Oil at Gusto di Quattro Pt 1 | Degredient

Cooking with Truffle Oil at Gusto di Quattro Pt 1

It’s a sunny Wednesday 3pm in the afternoon on October 3rd. As we walk up to the back of the restaurant you can hear dishes being stacked, the clinging of glassware being put away and you can tell it was a busy lunch.  Some of the workers were outside trying to relax before the dinner service.  We thought “oh boy, I hope we aren’t going to be an inconvenience”. Instead we were greeted with warm smiles and friendly gestures.

Executive Chef Nicholas Lim comes up to us and shakes our hands.  He suggests that they show us how they do their Ravioli. The Chefs at Quattro love their Ravioli.  They want you to love their ravioli too so they make it fresh everyday, using wholesome good and local ingredients. Most people use truffle oil to finish a dish because if you cook with it you lose aroma and flavour.  Our degredient truffle oil can be used for cooking (not high heat such as frying) and still maintains flavour and aroma especially the black oil because it has the most unique taste.

Made with love the raviolis are stuffed with mushroom, ricotta cheese, degredient black truffle oil, mascarpone cheese and parmesan. Carefully kneaded, rolled and flattened to approximately 3mm before it’s molded, stuffed and cut.  The raviolis are then cooked and topped off with black truffle sauce before it’s garnished and served.  You have no idea how unbelievably good it smells, or maybe you do.