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Gyoza and Yam Tempura

Wine Director and Chef Tatsuya decided to come up with a special gyoza dish…well because everyone expects gyoza at a Japanese restaurant right?

Since it’s at Exec. Chef Yoshi’s restaurant, it has to be special. Calling it just kabocha squash, mozzarella cheese, shiitake & oyster mushroom, roasted duck and truffle oil gyoza doesn’t do this dish any justice. How about calling it “Cheesy mushroom duck hunt truffle kabocha punch in the face” gyoza. Thats what it is and it’s delicious. It’s complemented with a side of yam tempura with truffle togarashi aioli!

degredient at Zest Japanese Cuisine

It’s Tuesday afternoon and typical Vancouver weather (meaning it’s wet and cold). My partner and I had the opportunity to check out some of the dishes my favorite Japanese restaurant is doing with degredient truffle oil! I’ve known Executive Chef Yoshiaki Maniwa for a few years and since discovering his restaurant I haven’t stopped coming. Chef Yoshi has a great eye for quality products and great creativity in his dishes!

We walk in the door and got a warm welcome by Chef Yoshi. There was no time wasted as he passed us 2 pairs of chop sticks and told us to eat this delicious plate of fish he put in front of us. I started to grab my camera out and he told me just to eat and he’ll present a picture worthy plate later.

On the plate was a slightly smoked local albacore tuna sauced with a Japanese vinegar,truffle oil and shallots. The smoked fish with the truffle oil just added this distinction you can’t forget. It tasted delicious. On the presentation plate he added pieces of slightly seared red tuna with the same sauce. Did I mention it was delicious?

Chef’s Corner

Cooking with Truffle Oil at Gusto di Quattro Pt 2

One of the new fall items on the menu, from Executive Chef Nicholas Lim at Gusto di Quattro, is a Truffled Cauliflower soup.  Chef Lim takes us in the kitchen and shows us how he’s cooking with our truffle oil this time it’s in a soup. The aroma of making this soup is so appetizing.

Very simple ingredients are used to make this soup.  Onions, garlic, cauliflower, cream and “oh yes” degredient black truffle oil. The onions and garlic are sauteed in the pot with a spoon of butter.  The cauliflower and cream are added into the mix…but before that a couple of  table spoons worth of that oh so yummy  black truffle oil is added while the onion and garlic cooks.

You see this is the pivotal moment where the aroma and flavour change and differentiates this soup from other cream of cauliflower soups offered. Once the soup is finished it is garnished with some slices of black truffle, drizzle of truffle oil and house made croutons. The spoon is coated with porcini powder.



Cooking with Truffle Oil at Gusto di Quattro Pt 1

It’s a sunny Wednesday 3pm in the afternoon on October 3rd. As we walk up to the back of the restaurant you can hear dishes being stacked, the clinging of glassware being put away and you can tell it was a busy lunch.  Some of the workers were outside trying to relax before the dinner service.  We thought “oh boy, I hope we aren’t going to be an inconvenience”. Instead we were greeted with warm smiles and friendly gestures.

Executive Chef Nicholas Lim comes up to us and shakes our hands.  He suggests that they show us how they do their Ravioli. The Chefs at Quattro love their Ravioli.  They want you to love their ravioli too so they make it fresh everyday, using wholesome good and local ingredients. Most people use truffle oil to finish a dish because if you cook with it you lose aroma and flavour.  Our degredient truffle oil can be used for cooking (not high heat such as frying) and still maintains flavour and aroma especially the black oil because it has the most unique taste.

Made with love the raviolis are stuffed with mushroom, ricotta cheese, degredient black truffle oil, mascarpone cheese and parmesan. Carefully kneaded, rolled and flattened to approximately 3mm before it’s molded, stuffed and cut.  The raviolis are then cooked and topped off with black truffle sauce before it’s garnished and served.  You have no idea how unbelievably good it smells, or maybe you do.



Welcome to our blog! We at degredient are going to blog about foods with the truffle flavour. We’ll keep you up to date about specialty and local products. We want to be your source for anything truffle related.

We currently have an exclusive truffle oil recipe that is tasty and unique for the food service industry in Vancouver. We hope to find other unique truffle products and bring it to the market.

Thank you very much for visiting! Stay tuned for more truffle news!